March 19, 2011

LUCELEC Continues Funding for Marchand Youth Orchestra

Saint Lucia: The Voice

The Saint Lucia Electricity Services Ltd. (LUCELEC) presented another $30,000 donation to the St. Lucia School of Music on Friday, March 11, 2011. The cheque is the second instalment of a three year commitment by the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Ltd. LUCELEC to provide funding for tutors of the Marchand Youth Orchestra and Choir.

The cheque presentation was made by LUCELEC’s Corporate Communications Manager Roger Joseph who stated that after the initial investment in the first year of the programme in 2010, LUCELEC was pleased to continue its support “due to the positive results of the project”.

“LUCELEC felt the programme was meeting its objectives and would like to see this pilot project through to completion,” he said.

The programme is based on the concept to use music to promote positive social change within communities that are at higher risk of crime and abuse.

Executive Director of the St. Lucia School of Music Richard Payne was on hand to receive the donation. He says through the programme there have been significant improvements with the student’s grades and social interaction among them developed by fostering a team objective to accomplish a singular goal.

Also present at the presentation was Martha Blanchard Assistant Director of Social Transformation. She stated that the Ministry has recognized after-school programmes are critical to addressing the rapid social changes the county is currently experiencing.

The Marchand Youth Orchestra afterschool pilot programme is part of an Organization of American States (OAS) initiative facilitated through the St. Lucia School of Music, the Ministry of Social Transformation, the Ministry of Education & Culture and LUCELEC. The programme is aimed at reducing poverty and promoting social cohesion for sustainable and economic development. If successful, upon completion the programme will be implemented within other communities around St. Lucia.

LUCELEC is committed to enhancing the resources available to communities in which the company operates in order to create positive learning environments during the after-school hours. The Company is also providing support to after-school programmes in La Maze, Mon Repos, and Faux-a-Chaux through a Ministry of Social Transformation initiative.

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Haiti Relief Efforts:
Rebuilding Sainte Trinité

The Youth Orchestra Program in Haiti experienced a major setback when the Program’s host school, the Ecole de Musique Sainte Trinité, was destroyed during the 2010 earthquake. 

Since the OASIS program started, Sainte Trinité served as a venue for the disadvantaged youths of Bel-Air. If we put our efforts together we can bring back the program and help rebuild the school.

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