Rafa Fernández
‘Time Traveler’

Organization of American States
Secretariat for Hemispheric Affairs
OAS Main Building Gallery
17th Street and Constitution Ave NW
Washington DC 20006

Tuesday, November 14 at 6pm

Organization of American States 
Main Building Gallery
17th Street and Constitution Ave NW
November 13-24, 2017

By appointment only: fgoncalves@oas.org

Washington, DC: The Organization of American States (OAS) AMA | Art Museum of the Americas proudly announces ‘Time Traveler,’ an exhibition of new work by influential Costa Rican artist Rafa Fernández, whose first solo exhibition at the OAS Main Building Gallery in January 1973 was followed by two subsequent OAS exhibitions over the course of the next decade. Fernández’s work continues to evolve to the present day, as evident when these contemporary pieces are placed alongside earlier pieces, including those that are today touchstones of the OAS art collection.  

Fernández says that the more tenuous his voice is, the stronger his painting becomes. His metaphorical images highlight lost loves and illusions through the moon, birds, boats, and horses. Each work carries its own journey, inviting the viewer to walk freely between the world we share and the artist’s imagination. The more the visitor roams, the more surprises and possibilities become clear. The artist lives within his paintings, and through the process of making them, each brushstroke a heartbeat pulsating with the mastery that a lifetime of dedication leaves in its wake. Just as we appreciate the refined use of palette and technique, we latch onto Fernández’s inexhaustible creativity as total freedom. Confabulations of painting and poetry, here give way to magic.

"Painting is my life, it has been my fundamental axis, the magic factor that has allowed for me to exist. After my brain trauma, I believed that my characters had abandoned me, but suddenly they began to reemerge with a denser voice, a more powerful image."
-Rafa Fernández

Accessibility: The OAS Main Building Gallery is wheelchair-accessible. For more information on accessibility, please contact 202 370 0147 or artmus@oas.org

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