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    About the Friends

    About the Friends

    The Friends of the Art Museum of the Americas (FAMA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that supports the mission of the OAS' AMA | Art Museum of the Americas through outreach and fundraising. Founded in the 1970s by Washington arts patron Barbara Gordon, the Friends encourage and facilitate engagement between the community and artists from across the Americas.

    Each year, the Friends host embassy receptions, concerts, lectures and other events to support the museum.  Charitable donations to the Friends are tax deductible and support the public exhibits and educational programs at Art Museum of the Americas.

    Friends of the Art Museum of the Americas
    Board of Directors

    Robert Nealon (2021-2024), President
    Deborah Ziska (2022-2025), Vice President
    Carlos Calderon (2021-2024), Treasurer
    David de la Torre (2020-2023), Secretary
    Giuliana Ahlers (2022-2025)
    Maureen Bunyan (2022-2025)
    Juan Garcia (2022-2025)
    Olga Herrera (2022-2025)
    Saskia Loewy (2020-2023)
    Pablo Zuniga (2020-2023)

    Adriana Ospina, AMA Museum Director, Ex-officio
    Carol Baxter, FAMA Administrator