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On view May 19, 2023

By appointment only:

OAS F Street Gallery
1889 F Sreet NW
Washington, DC 20006

Parallel Crossroads of the Americas
Joseane Daher and Vicente Gonzalez Mimica

The OAS AMA | Art Museum of the Americas presents Parallel Crossroads of the Americas, an exhibition of photography comprised of images by Joseane Daher (Brazil) and Vicente Gonzalez Mimica (Chile). The people of the Americas share a common history that is manifested in localized terms as a conglomerate of different cultures. It is an ever-changing dynamic history of Native Americans, settlers, and migrants.

Joseane Daher presents images of communities from various regions of Brazil, such as the Huni Kuin of the Amazon, and the Xavante people of Mato Grosso do Sul; alongside settlers' communities Lagoa do Barro and Queimada Nova in Piaui, Brazil; and, the Quilombo community of Sao Roque, Rio Grande do Sul. She has a subjective anthropological approach to her images. Through her Rupture series, Daher takes a poetic interpretation of communities under pressure, using a broken concrete body as proof that the object has been put under pressure to measure its strengths. She describes: “These life fragments of those who are relocated to places unknown and with which they have no familiarity are the metaphor of broken concrete specimens, with their grooves and cracks and irregularly shaped stones." 

Vicente Gonzalez Mimica's autobiographical work on his Croatian ancestors settling in Tierra del Fuego, Chile intertwines Dalmatia, Croatia with his family's ranch where he spent summers with Porvenir, Chile where he spent winters, all during childhood. Vicente has a tender and emotional exchange with his subjects. They are captured in an atemporal manner, past and present colliding. Vicente’s work is the beginning of a project that will trace his ancestors' journey back to Dalmatia.