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En los Otros Costados
Exilios de las Espa�as de 1936-39 en las Americas
Adonde fue la Cancion?

On the Other Coasts
1936-39 Spanish Exiles in the Americas
Where Did the Song Go?

On view through September 15

This exhibition is a collaborative project of the Permanent Observer Mission of Spain to the OAS and the OAS AMA | Art Museum of the Americas, showcasing the cultural output generated in the Americas as a result of the exchanges produced by Spanish exile during the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent Francoist dictatorship. It is important to note that this is not an exhibition about exile per se, but about the artistic and intellectual products of that exile. This project encompasses works of art, literature, music, and cinema created by artists and intellectuals who migrated with their families to the Americas during the Civil War and the dictatorship, capturing their perspective, often laden with the search for social justice, democracy, and peace.

The works exhibited here reflect the world of these exiled artists who were forced to put down roots in different countries of the Americas. These artists represent many other Republican compatriots, defenders of Spanish democracy, victims of exile who experienced this human drama and found a new home on the American continent. As Neruda said about the Spaniards of the rescue expedition of the old freighter Winnipeg:

"I felt in my fingers / the seeds / of Spain / that I myself rescued and scattered / over the sea, directed / to the peace / of the prairies."

The opening of the American borders to Spanish Republican exile meant a new life.

The exhibition also includes works by other artists from the Americas and Spain whose creations are closely influenced by the artistic aesthetics generated.

The exhibition presents around twenty works of art from the collections of the Art Museum of the Americas and the Inter-American Development Bank, contextualized with fragments of recordings from the PALABRA Archive of the Library of Congress of the United States of America, along with scores and documents from the era, safeguarded by the Columbus Memorial Library of the OAS.

This exhibition pays tribute to the victims of Spanish exile and to the millions of compatriots who remained in Spain under repression or were buried in mass graves but never forgotten.

This is a homage that seeks to protect democratic memory and recognize the dignity of the victims of the Francoist dictatorship through the recovery of the perspectives of exiled artists from and about the Americas.

An exile composed of women and men who contributed to strengthening the transatlantic bond between Spain and the Americas from the perspective of the defense of human rights, democracy, and peace.

Accessibility: This exhibition takes place on AMA�s second floor. The first-floor galleries are wheelchair accessible by the ramp leading into the back of the museum. There is a flight of winding stairs leading to the museum's second floor. Restrooms are located on the second floor. For more information on accessibility, please contact 202 370 0147 or [email protected]