About the Friends

The Friends of the Art Museum of the Americas (Friends) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that supports the mission of the OAS' AMA | Art Museum of the Americas through outreach and fundraising. Founded in the 1970s by Washington arts patron Barbara Gordon, the Friends encourage and facilitate engagement between the community and artists from across the Americas.

Each year, the Friends host four seasonal events, including the annual signature event --  Art After Dark at the historic Paul Cret designed building and gardens of the Museum. Charitable donations to the Friends are fully tax deductible and support the public exhibits and educational programs at Art Museum of the Americas. Please donate here.

Friends of the Art Museum of the Americas
President: John Coppola
Vice President: Margarita Beeck Muñana
Treasurer: Robert J. Berry
Secretary: Olga U. Herrera, Ph.D.

Angela Adams
Adriana Bajos-Gluski
Jennifer Lubrani Cisneros
Julia Díaz-Asper
Carol P. Einaudi
William P. Farrand
Albertina Frenkel
Juan M. García
Casilda García-Quirós
Teresa Grana
Consuelo Salinas Pareja
Christopher Shannon
Angelique Sina
Lorenzo Wootten, Jr.