Please check our museum events page for our most up-to-date event listings and educational activities.

Following our mission to interconnect, promote, and create a positive impact on the people and cultures of the western hemisphere, AMA | ART MUSEUM of the AMERICAS provides a range of educational and outreach activities, providing an engaging, educational, and fun service for the community.

Create a piñata, a corn husk doll, or a carnival mask! Make a friendship bracelet or cast your own hand! We offer many different workshops for children of all ages ranging from ages 5 through 15.

School groups, as well as other community groups, from 8-20 participants are invited to schedule an appointment for a workshop between Tuesdays and Fridays. Workshops cost only $10 per participant to cover art project materials.

For more information on our workshops or schedule your appointment,
please contact or call 202-370-0149.


Just like our group workshops, our family workshops offer education, fun, and creative workshops to the public – usually coinciding with our current exhibition. The museum schedules interactive workshops for families, where participants will learn from hands-on activities.

Please check our museum calendar for our most up-to-date event listings
or contact us at or 202-370-0149.


Guided tours of the museum are available to groups by appointment only Tuesday through Friday, 10AM to 4PM. Tours of our current exhibition or more customized tours are available. Voluntary contributions are never expected, but always appreciated. For more information, please contact or call 202-370-0149.


Looking to gain some professional experience? Join our team at AMA, where you can assist us in running the museum as well as develop real projects. Your experience will not be filled with coffee runs, but with real work that has a dramatic effect on our mission and programs. Candidates from all backgrounds who have a strong interest in a museum career are encouraged to apply to our internship program.

For more information on our internship program, please contact or call 202-370-0149.