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The OAS AMA | Art Museum of the Americas proudly participates in DIVERSEartLA, curated by Marisa Caichiolo. The art fair focuses on the presence, contributions, research and documentation of women and non-binary artists at the forefront of work at the intersection of art, science and technology represented by guest Museums, Institutions and Not-for-Profit Organizations. For AMA, an institutional presence at DIVERSEartLA is an opportunity to further chronicle and amplify these important artistic voices. This project will collect material and exhibit the work of women and nonbinary artists who have played a central role in the development of new media practices within contemporary institutions. DIVERSEartLA will include overviews of the history of institutional support for women and nonbinary people whose work is currently reshaping the field; and will look towards the future. The AMA presents a group of emerging photographers who are working at the crossroads of art, social issues, technology, and science. These womxn make technical decisions when they use their cameras and develop their film, use specialized computer programs to digitize their work, and complex chemical reactions for printing. 

Featured artworks are for sale at the AMA Artwork Shop at

CEDA, Inc. (Ceda Washington) is a 501(c)(3) organization. CEDA hosts the OAS AMA | Art Museum of the Americas e-commerce platform.

All proceeds will be shared among the artist and CEDA and AMA, making its exhibitions and programming possible, and as charitable donations to vulnerable populations of the Americas, by the way of donations of kitchen stoves and sewing machines to Misiones, Argentina, donation of sanitary modules for indigenous populations of Salta, Argentina, and a ten-day digital art, communication, and leadership skills development program in Washington, DC for Argentinian youth from underserved communities. 

AMA is proud to present the performances: Pilar by Luis Cobelo; Colonia Dignidad by Maria Veronica San Martin; and, Lo Gorilla by Yolanda Leal. 

Featured Artists
Ananké Asseff, Argentina
Laura Antonelli, Argentina
Luis Cobelo, Venezuela
Alejandra Delgado Uría, Bolivia
Claudio Frías, Chile
Cristian Garabito Altamirano, Chile
Helena Giestas, Brazil
Jonaz Gómez Sánchez, Chile
Vicente González Mimica, Chile
Alejandro l. Gulminelli, Argentina
Alejandra Lafon Vilugrón, Chile
Yolanda Leal, México
Marcelo Mascareño, Chile
Tania Morgado Jofré, Chile
Dominique Paul, Canada
Frank Rodick, Canada
María Verónica San Martín, Chile
Gerardo Schachner, Argentina
Luciano Siqueira, Brazil
Brad Temkin, USA
Olivia Vivanco, México
Andrés Wertheim. Argentina
María Zorzon, Argentina